My Scripts

Feature-length scripts written by me. Please inquire about those available for representation.

THE IRON HORSE OF LUCY STEELE– western-adventure
A fiery train engineer relentlessly pursues the ruthless outlaw who has stolen her one-of-a-kind locomotive to pull off the biggest heist in US history.
(A female Indiana Jones in the Old West. Plus trains.)

-top 5 finalist – 2018 Artemis Women in Action Film Festival
-Gold Remi Winner – western screenplays – 2017 Worldfest Houston
-top 10 finalist in 2017 Screencraft Action competition
-top 10 finalist in 2015 Screencraft Action competition
-top 15 percent of 2016 Nicholl Fellowship

DREAMSHIP – swashbuckling fantasy-adventure
A headstrong teenager must enter the secret world behind the clouds to rescue his little sister from the clutches of an evil villainess who plans to create nightmares that never end.

-semifinalist in 2015 Screencraft Family-Friendly competition
-top 25 semifinalist in 2013 Tracking Board Launch Pad Screenwriting Competition
-top 15 percent of 2013 Nicholl Fellowship
-featured on The Unproduced Table Read from Popcorn Talk Network – May 2017

WOK & ROLL – culture clash/food-oriented comedy
An ambitious Caucasian Jewish chef in a struggling Chinese restaurant takes on a sleazy powerhouse competitor determined to shut it down.

LINCOLN BOULEVARD, MONSTER HUNTER – pulp sci-fi adventure 
After the world’s only Monster Hunter is killed, it’s up to his long-lost son, a nerdy scientist, to take over the job and stop a diabolical plot to wipe out humanity.

AN ANGEL WALKS INTO A BAR… – comedy (rewrite in progress)
After literally dying onstage, a caustic comedian must fix three of the many lives he ruined when he was alive, or be damned to Hell for eternity.
What if a Don Rickles/Lewis Black-type comedian was your guardian angel?

BABY LIKES JAZZ – comedy (rewrite in progress)
As a carefree musician shakes up the suburbs raising his orphaned niece and nephew, a conniving has-been actress concocts her own self-serving plan for the kids.

NORTH POLE’S MOST WANTED – Xmas-themed comedy-noir (in development)
While investigating the mysterious death of his former partner, a disgraced detective elf uncovers a sinister plot to get rid of Santa and sabotage Christmas.

13 thoughts on “My Scripts

    • Thanks! That was the first script I ever wrote (since rewritten many times). It also made me realize comedy isn’t exactly my strongest genre. Still like the way it turned out, though.

  1. Hey Z, I have known you a while but just got a chance to check this tab and see your projects! Nice stuff – enjoy the titles and loglines, they are all unique in their own respect so should offer something fresh and fun to the usual fodder. Question for you: at what point did you apply to all the contests and look for managers and stuff? Did you already have a few scripts under your belt? Any advice? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    I’d sent a very early script to the Nicholl only because I didn’t know any better, and stopped sending out the next few after realizing I really needed to get better. That took a few years.

    Only when I felt the script was solid enough is when I started entering contests and contacting reps.

  3. Great, thanks.. that’s what I am gearing towards myself – have four projects in various stages I am writing, rewriting, etc. Aiming to try for contests, etc. hopefully mid next year as well, fingers crossed. Good luck with your projects.

  4. Paul – I really like the idea of WOK & ROLL…I wanna say this sounds like “comedy gold,” and then I remember that’s what Jerry Seinfeld’s hack comedian friend Banya used to say (so maybe the expression should be avoided). But even without an actual script, I’m smiling at the thought of the comic potential here. Are the competitors also Chinese? Or might there be a three-way inter-ethnic joke-off about to happen? There may also be 30-minute sitcom potential here…

    • Thanks, Mark! This is a script from early in my career. Yes, the competitor is also Chinese, and the chef in question is Jewish. If that doesn’t scream out “comedy gold”, I don’t what else would. A friend has offered to help me with a rewrite, which may eventually happen.

  5. Just listened to an episode of the Creative Writing Career podcast and you were featured in it. I really enjoyed hearing about your experiences. I also placed in the top 15% of this year’s Nicholl with my script EIGHT DAYS IN ’88! Congrats!

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