Measuring progress in inches…

I didn’t really get to write much today.  Nothing, actually.

I did print out the comments from the guy in my writing group, but didn’t have time to look it over.  It worked out for the best because the woman said she only had a few pages of her script ready and could we meet again in two weeks, rather than tonight?

Since she also mentioned having comments on my outline, I’m going to her office tomorrow to pick them up and analyze both sets.

K and V go away in two weeks.  I think a lot of my time during their absence will be focused on assembling a solid outline.  That’s the hope, anyway.  That and watching lots of movies – at least two IN the theatre.  Whoo!

The more I think about it, the more I wish I could get new blood into our group.  It’s not bad the way it is, but when I joined up, there were at least 5 or 6 of us, and many people have come and gone, including the founder.  I made a go of organizing it and actually recruited some new people, but each one eventually dropped out for one reason or another.

I remember one guy who had some really good ideas stopped writing altogether to focus on photography.  I’ve always considered myself a writer, so that’s what I focus on.  But I also have this driving force inside me that wants to make it my career, so I keep striving to succeed.  My wonderful and supportive K is there to prop me up when I feel discouraged or hopeless.

Somedays it may seem that way, but a man with experience in the industry read my very first script and said although it was pretty rough, I was a good writer.  I liked that.  Now I need someone to say “you’re a great writer and I’m going to give you a shitload of cash for your script.  And you can have a STORY BY credit too.”

That would be really cool.

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