My gosh, this is frustrating AND annoying…

I’m still trying to figure out how to work this thing.  You would think there’d be some kind of tutorial or something.  I may have to check out the YouTube one to see what I’m doing wrong.

In other news…

-The attorney I’ve worked with before has since left his practice and stopped practicing law, so my devoted wife helped me find another.  She is looking over the contract a manager/producer sent me and will hopefully respond with an ‘all clear’ so I can sign it and get started on working with him.

-The script I’m currently working on is once again proving to be a real pain.  Even worse, I’m in the section that to me needs the most work, as well as the most comedy.  Difficult stuff.

-It doesn’t help that I’m so tired right now.  Wifey has a potluck at her new employer tomorrow, and yours truly did the baking portion of her contribution.  Lucky for me, V’s soccer practice was cancelled due to rain, enabling me to rest at home before going to pick her up.

-Tonight starts the new semester of our French class.  Hope I can make it through in a conscious state.

-It would be nice to know if somebody besides me will eventually read these.  Have to wait and see, while studying and developing an understanding of the intricacies of this evil entity.


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